Family Therapy

Just like relationships are built on compromise, so are families. Therefore, a systemic approach is used to address all the varying of the family unit, and help everyone involved feel heard, find their role, and move from where they “are,” to where they want to “be.”

Your First Session

In your first sessions with Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes, the entire family will attend and describe what is working and not working with the current family dynamic. Additionally, Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes will work with all members involved to “buy-in” to the process that change is difficult, but sometimes it is necessary to get to a “better place.” To help your family identify what is working and not working, Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes will utilize a series of interventions to help all involved figure out both the constructive and negative aspects they are bringing to the unit and if that is something they are open to changing.

Start Improving Today

Commit to being open to a new experience and changing the interactions of your family in unexpected ways.